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Proxy for Warface

Proxies in WOW are necessary for constant access to the game profile. Geo proxies with location in USA, Netherlands or Japan are used to bypass regional blocking. HTTPS not only masks the location but also encrypts traffic. Your entered passwords and details are securely protected.

Mobile proxies are completely anonymous. IP addresses belong to cellular service providers. Connection security is ensured by complex software: DNS, TCP, UDP, etc. IP is masked without any signs of spoofing. The target site does not notice the proxied connection because the user's network fingerprint is unique and the actual location is not recorded in the request headers.

With geolocation-rotating mobile proxies, gamers engage in botfishing, pumping profiles for sale. With a personal IP package a player is not blocked for multi-accounting. Data exchange with the server is completely confidential. Support does not notice suspicious activity in the account because bots are launched from virtual IP addresses.

Beginners can use server proxies with prolongation. These are static IPs with unlimited traffic and high download speeds. They are generated by cloud data centers. Can pass network proxy data to the site. However, it does not lead to profile blocking. If the address is unique and was not used for logging into another account, the helpdesk lists the IP as trusted.

Personal SOCKS4/5 are designed to protect against hacker attacks and brute force. HTTPS is used to protect against leaks of personal data.

Company Price Promocode Rating URL
Proxys.io from 1.88 USD up to 6.25 USD rateproxy 9.93/10 proxys.io
Proxy6 from 0.021 USD up to 3.745 USD t3WEqkZeWO 6.69/10 proxy6.net
Proxyline from 0.41 USD up to 1.22 USD rateproxy 8.75/10 proxyline.net
Proxy Market from 5.9 rub. up to 65 rub. proxyrate 6.25/10 proxy.market

1. Proxys.io


from 1.88 USD up to 6.25 USD



You will be redirected to the official website Proxys.io
Promo code rateproxy
5% discount on first order

Why Proxys.io is the best?

  • Automatic adresses distribution
  • Refund within 24 hours after purchase
  • Support 24/7
  • API Key
  • Inexpensive proxies

2. Proxy6


from 0.021 USD up to 3.745 USD


  • IPv4

    from 1.248 USD for 1 month
    from 2.496 USD for 2 months
    from 3.745 USD for 3 months

  • IPv6

    from 0.021 USD for 3 days

    from 0.04 USD for 1 week

    from 0.075 USD for 2 week

    from 0.15 USD for 1 month

  • IPv4 Shared

    from 0.536 USD for 1 month
    from 0.964 USD for 2 months
    from 1.286 USD for 3 months

You will be redirected to the official website Proxy6
Promo code t3WEqkZeWO
5% discount

Advantage Proxy6:

  • Everything is automated
  • API for developers
  • Quick support
  • Purchase from 1 IP

3. Proxyline


from 0.41 USD up to 1.22 USD


You will be redirected to the official website Proxyline
Promo code rateproxy
11% discount on proxy purchases

Pros of Proxyline:

  • 400 different networks
  • Manual IP selection
  • Everything is automated
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Convenient multi-functional API
  • Cheap Proxies
Proxy Market

4. Proxy Market


from 5.9 rub. up to 65 rub.


You will be redirected to the official website Proxy Market
Promo code proxyrate
5% discount on first purchase

Why choose Proxy Market?

  • High data speed
  • Full automation
  • 24/7 support
  • One-handed proxy
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