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When choosing a server pool, several parameters are to consider: the number of IPs, geolocation, ports bandwidth, uptime, and frequency of address updates.

Packet proxies are suitable for web surfing and professional tasks. "Clean" IPs are used for parsing data, testing programs and applications, and multi-accounting. Their peculiarity lies in private connection to online resources, where the risk of data leakage is minimal.

Personal addresses belong to the tenants, so blocking access depends entirely on their actions. The higher the degree of anonymity of the proxy, the longer the IP uptime.

Network privacy is ensured by mobile and resident private proxies that support address change for each request or after a specified time. Since IPs are provided by communication providers and trusted hosts, it is difficult for search engines to detect spoofing. Requests are masked by the actions of users with unique network identifiers. The algorithms let in targeted traffic by putting IPs on the trusted list.

Having addresses in the pool with geolocation/provider rotation empowers the web developer - buying packages for every task is no longer needed. The IP list is updated daily. With unlimited traffic, the number of channels processed and the amount of data transmitted are not limited.

A shared proxy is an option for web surfers bypassing regional blocking. Public addresses are generated on shared hosting sites, which reduces the cost of leasing a shared IP.

Paid shared proxy does not guarantee a secure, stable connection. Anonymity on the network depends on the actions of other hosts. In addition, the service life of shared IP is short. If the location changes frequently, site support blocks access, leading to loss of accounts and accounts. Set up a private packet proxy if you want to bind a unique address to network devices or accounts. These are permanent or dynamic IPs assigned to one owner.

Company Price Promocode Rating URL
Nexusnet from 50 USD to 510 USD - 9.84/10
Proxy Solutions from 100 rub. up to 300 rub. for24 9.79/10
iProxy from 6 USD to 10 USD - 8.0/10
Proxy Solutions

1. Proxy Solutions

Price proxy package:

from 300 rub. per month


from 100 rub. up to 300 rub.


You will be redirected to the official website Proxy Solutions
Promo code for24
10% discount on any purchase

Why Proxy Solutions is the best?

  • Innovative automation
  • API for developers
  • Powerful proxy servers
  • Reasonable prices
  • 24/7 support
  • Refunds

2. iProxy


from 6 USD to 10 USD


You will be redirected to the official website iProxy

Advantage iProxy:

  • Remote IP Address Change + IP Change by Link
  • Telegram bot for notifications and IP address change management
  • Passive OS fingerprint (TCP/IP Fingerprint) spoofing
  • Ability to create multiple proxy accesses per phone
  • Support of SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies
  • Automatic IP-address change

3. Nexusnet


from 50 USD to 510 USD


  • Resident Proxies

    Starter: 50 USD per month

    Pro: 110 USD per month

    Plus: 200 USD per month

    Regular: 350 USD per month

    Business: 510 USD per month

You will be redirected to the official website Nexusnet

Pros of Nexusnet:

  • Clean and reliable IPs
  • Workability with many sites and programs
  • Detailed targeting
  • Own proxy network
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