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The principle of data centres is that a company rents a massive pool of addresses and then sells each IP to users. This option is notable for its low cost and equally low efficiency.

Pools of addresses of such companies are in all SCAM databases and blocklists. If you are using such an address to visit any resource, its administration will identify the IP of one of the data centres. Using a false address and hiding personal data will be evident. The level of confidence toward such users immediately falls, so the risk of getting banned increases distinctly.

A few years ago, this option was quite popular, but now it has lost its effectiveness because of the high chance of being blocked. Therefore, no matter how high speed is provided, you will not be able to make multiple requests from one address, conduct advertising activities or handle a large amount of traffic.

Company Price Promocode Rating URL
Oxylabs from 180 USD up to 300 USD - 6.25/10
The Safety from 2 USD up to 30 USD - -
MyPrivateProxy from 2.49 USD to 2500 USD - -
The Safety

1. The Safety


from 2 USD up to 30 USD
You will be redirected to the official website The Safety

Why The Safety is the best?

  • No logs
  • Secured DNS
  • Convenient applications
  • Unlimited traffic

2. Oxylabs


from 180 USD up to 300 USD
You will be redirected to the official website Oxylabs

Advantage Oxylabs:

  • Large expanding database of proxies from all over the world
  • Stability and reliability of work

3. MyPrivateProxy


from 2.49 USD to 2500 USD
You will be redirected to the official website MyPrivateProxy

Pros of MyPrivateProxy:

  • High uptime and connection speed
  • Easy activation
  • Complete online security
  • 24/7 support
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