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Reverse Proxies

Proxies are divided into many types and kinds. Another way of classification is the position of the proxy server in the network when the user connects to some resource. With a direct proxy, the requests come to the proxy server from the user. Then the requested information is redirected from the Internet. While the reverse proxy can be called a "gateway" for the end servers, as they let through data from the Internet to the requested resource.

Reverse proxies are needed to stabilize the load (it's more of a side function) and protect the anonymity of the end resource, not the users themselves. The location of the visited server will be hidden from clients. Most often, they are used for extensive resources with high attendance and many servers. To protect them, all traffic initially goes to the proxy server and is already distributed across servers (if there are several).

The functions of reverse proxies include:
  • Combining multiple servers into one space;
  • Performing authentication tasks to get to the resource;
  • Caching and decryption of input data;
  • Protection against malicious attacks;
  • Increasing the speed of the site due to its cached copy.

Clients do not know that they are not on the definitive resource but on the proxy server when using reverse proxies. It is used not only for protection but also to facilitate the work with the site. The resource becomes more flexible in use and works faster.

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