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SMTP Proxy

SMTP is rightfully considered a mail proxy. Although their functionality is limited at this point, they are quite often used for sending mails and protecting your own email box from spam.

SMTP proxies, in contrast to other mail transfer agents, do not imply intermediate storage of mails. They are an entry-level email system, processing incoming data before forwarding it to another layer of mail servers.

In addition to their primary function, which is to protect the sent mail's content, they often perform the only level of protection and filtering against spam, which is highly relevant and is a severe problem on the Internet.

Despite their limited functionality, SMTP proxies have several advantages, which make them indispensable mail agents, especially when it comes to corporate mail and forwarding essential dаta:
  • Intermediate SMTP proxies do not store messages.
  • They can reject other SMTP connections in real-time (spamming) or analyze the message content with a spam filter or antivirus program, preventing it from reaching the mailbox.
  • Advanced SMTP servers can manage the flow, reducing the damage from malicious traffic bursts.

Such servers come in several types:
  • Transparent. The client and mail server communicate with each other, unaware of the presence of disguised proxies.
  • Synchronous. One client connection equals one connection to the mail server.
  • Multiplexing. A connection to the mail server is established only when necessary, and the connection pool is manipulated.

Processing and filtering incoming and outgoing traffic are essential tasks when working on the Internet. Many professional challenges revolve around email, through which essential payment data and much more can be sent. Its protection plays a fundamental role in all professional activities.

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