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GEO-Targeted Proxy Turkey

GEO-Targeted proxy is network software that masks the IP address of a device (ISP) by spoofing the location. Country-based servers increase the level of security when accessing the Internet. If your home region is experiencing an increase in hacks, change your network coordinates using a location-rotating host. The proxy will redirect traffic to additional servers with cached data and organized Internet security.

GEO-targeted proxies are used for:
  • private and anonymous access to network resources;
  • bypassing of blockages set for the use of websites and entertainment services;
  • prohibition of activity tracking and personal data collection;
  • increase in connection speed when working with resources in a given country.
  • access to content in a given location with the ability to receive regional advertising and personal recommendations.
There are anonymous Shared and Private Proxies. The peculiarity of the first is shared use when the same IP is available for mass connections. Ping and data transfer rates are lower than for private ones. It is crucial to notice that the period of use of Shared Proxy is often short. They are usually banned after being published in public sources.

Private resources are longer-lasting since their access is restricted. They require registration and/or a subscription to receive an address and port. Private proxies are best for individual use, and if the server goes down, the client will be offered a new address and a dynamic IP within the country.

Universal GEO-Targeted Proxies are HTTP and HTTPS web hosts with encryption. They are used both for standard web surfing and for mobile applications. IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are fully secure: mobile and safe. However, some services do not support connections through public TCP addressing. If IPv4/IPv6 protocols are chargeable, first check the availability of the resource using validator sites.

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